Throat Bass: The LOW Octave with Iris Trio’s Andrew Kim

February 9, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Throat Bass is a vocal technique common to both Tuvan overtone singers and beatboxers. Using this approach, singers can generate a pitch which is one octave lower than a typical bass’s lowest sung notes. Some feel the sound is reminiscent of the Mongolian region while others feel the sound is more akin to electronica and dubstep. Whatever your connotations, this unique style adds a wealth of potential expression and power to any group.

Andrew John Kim is an a cappella producer, recording engineer and award-winning arranger based in New York City. Andrew received his Bachelor of Music in Music Composition from Northwestern University and his Master of Music in Film Scoring from New York University. While at Northwestern, Andrew was a founding member and three year music director of the a cappella group, Extreme Measures. He is a former member of Backtrack. And his current group, Iris Vocal Trio is the winner of the 2018 ACA-OPEN.

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