Silent Auction to Benefit the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease
Feb 9 @ 8:30 pm – 9:10 pm

The Silent Auction (which is actually quite loud) accepts bids from Saturday Morning onwards, but this is the final 40 minutes of Silent Auction time! The crowds gather and bidding intensifies!

Get unbelievable deals as you bid on a plethora of packages, and every dollar goes right to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund!

Hotel get-aways? We’ve got em! Hard to find a cappella CDs? We’ve got em! Headshot and recording packages? We’ve got em! Local discounts for every day items? We’ve got those too!

Don’t miss this great chance to do well (for yourself) while you do good (for others)!

All conveniently located in the lobby, between the end of the Sat. 7PM show and the beginning of the Sat. 9:30PM show!

Feel like donating a good or service? Fantastic! Contact us here.

Check out our FAQ for more info!