Vocal Technique “Myth Buster” Edition: Anatomy vs Pedagogy
Feb 9 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

One is a master teacher. One, a master of anatomy. One has a litany of professional level students. One has successfully healed thousands of patients through physical therapy. Together they attack vocal technique from the ground up!

What vocal technique is just wishful thinking? What vocal technique will only work for a few years before the voice can’t handle it? What vocal technique has scientific evidence to back it up? It’s time to find out what science says.

Ron Meixsell will discuss and demonstrate vocal registers; how to isolate and re-balance them; helpful hints for staying healthy and managing illness; posture, breathing and much more.

Michael Miller brings medical science and peer-reviewed studies to the table. Get actual data on vocal pathology and technique.

Vocal teachers use analogies to elicit physical changes. It works for some and frustrates others. Learn what’s really happening.

Michael will use the latest scientific research to explore healthy vocal technique, separating the real from the bunk. He’ll present the data, walk you through the physiology and then demonstrate the effect on the voice.

Then it’s your turn to try it out! Sing healthy. Sing high. Sing strong!

Michael Miller is a licensed physical therapist and professional singer/actor/trumpet player with many decades of training and performance. He has performed with professional a cappella group, Blind Man’s Bluff, and extensively in regional musical theatre.

Ron Meixsell’s resume is extensive, but highlights include conducting the Army choruses in Frankfurt Germany, and teaching music at high schools, Five Towns College, Upsala College, and Dowling College. Ron has sung with The New York Grand Opera, Opera on The sound, Opera Options, Manhattan Opera, and The Maine Opera Company.  He has performed at Alice Tully Hall and The Bruno Walter Auditorium, both in Lincoln Center, NY. For twelve years Ron was the designated singer for The Long Island Association where he sang the National Anthem for major dignitaries including former Presidents Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush,  Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Hilary Clinton, and many other notable American figures in politics and the news industry. Ron was the vocal coach for The Big Apple Chorus from 2003-2009 during which the chorus became regularly invited to The Barbershop Harmony Society International Competitions. Ron also has coached many barbershop quartets to success in their various competitions. Ron has a NY State Permanent teacher certificate in music, is a member of The National Association of Teachers of Singing, and The Music Teachers National Association.